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Bar-B-Que has been a McNatt family tradition for three generations. In fact, it dates back to 1934 when a famous southern Bar-B-Que recipe was handed down to Grandpa (Eldon) McNatt. Grandpa subsequently began to offer it in his SW Missouri restaurant(s). Soon the popularity of Grandpa´s Bar-B-Que spread and the family became a frequent caterer to the community. While many have tried to purchase the recipe, the family has kept it a secret.

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In 2006 Drew McNatt started to take an interest in the old recipe and later that year started the Hog Tide Bar-B-Que competition team in honor of Grandpa. The name comes from the two universities that Drew played football for during his college days, the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Although Drew "enhanced" the recipe to match today´s pallet, he still cooks with the same love and passion of Bar-B-Que as Grandpa McNatt did 75+ years ago.